September 6, 2011

What's Worth Remembering?

I’m a big fan of anything with a nostalgic touch to it. My hubby teases that if you want me to like something just make it look old! So when I saw the September stamp of the month, Limited Edition, it was right up my alley! There is a very vintage look to this stamp set and I think it would be perfect for so many things. Of course the obvious, is an invitation like this one with cute rosette flowers.

But it’s not often that you come across a set that can be used as an invitation but is flexible enough for other options as well. My friend Blythe created this fun CD cover for a CD that her sister in law gave her. She plans to write in on the note the contents of the case.

I have all sorts of great ideas for this kit. Take a plain list and spice it up a bit with these stamps, slap a magnet on the back and you have a darling refrigerator list (hmm, sounds like good neighbor gifts for Christmas). A composition notebook (on sale now with back to school) would be darling decorated up with these. And the possibilities for scrapbook journaling are huge. So take advantage of the opportunity to get this set in September because once October rolls around, it’s gone! And with a $50.00 purchase, it is only $5.00. Now that’s worth remembering!

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