October 25, 2008

Card Organizer

Where do you store all of your card projects? I am always looking for different ways to store my cards…shoe boxes, drawers…anything! Then I found the idea of using Close to My Heart’s acrylics storage boxes. They are perfect! Here is a fun one I made using the Notebook paper. It was so easy! Here’s how:

1. 1. Attach 2” wide strips of pattern paper around the box with strong adhesive, starting from the back.
2. Stamp the word “CARDS” to the saying piece. Add brads and ribbon and attach in the front, covering the ends of the strips. Add a flower and a button to the front.
3. Tie ribbon to the handle as desired. You’re done!


Scrappingamma said...

Hey Tracy...welcome to blogging! I love your card organizer! I did a similar thing with my organizer, but made for recipes. I do alot of 6x6 recipe swaps and this is the perfect place to keep them.
Great job!

Syme Family said...

Hi Tracy! I'm glad to see you blogging too! I usually only blog about family, but keep thinking I should start a CTMH one.
I love the card organizer too. I did one with the silhouette paper for a workshop while home this summer.
Hope you are doing well and I'm excited to see your blog!

April D said...

THat is ingenius...great idea!