February 9, 2012

Faux Stitching

I love this new flower stamp! It has an adorable stitched border and you just fill in the petals with different patterns or inks. So fun. I wanted to carry the stitching look from the flower over into the rest of the card but I honestly was feeling a little lazy about pulling out my threads to stitch it! ha! ha! So instead I created "faux" stitching around the edge of the card. It's so simple. Here's how:

1. With the bone folder or other scoring tool, score dash lines. I just free handed mine, but you can measure it if you like to be more precise.
2. Now lightly sand the scored marks and they will pop right off the page! It looks like you have stitched around the card with white thread. It's that easy!

Hmmm...now what else can I stitch? :) Enjoy!

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