August 8, 2011

What to do on a rainy day?

I'm in hotel room (in a foreign country where hardly anyone speaks English by the way!) and it's pouring rain outside. Not a great day for sightseeing! LOL! So what do you do a rainy day like this? Read a book? Check! Watch TV? Nope...(did I mention there is very little English here?) If only I could scrapbook the many pictures I've been taking. But of course I didn't bring my scrapbook supplies with me...ha! ha! But hey! I can still scrapbook! Studio J! It's the perfect answer! I'm far away and didn't have to bring a thing with me except my computer! Woohoo!! So the day is saved and I am having a blast scrapbooking away. :) This is just one of the pictures I am scrapbooking...taken on a sunny day! ha! ha! Who knows...if the rain keeps up I may just have my entire album done before I get home!


Preds Girl said...

Was it planned that y'all would wear matching color shirts so that it would be easier to scrapbook? lol. :-) So glad you're having a blast!

Kim Lundstrom said...

You guys are adorable!