May 6, 2009

Play Website Scavenger Hunt!

Website Scavenger Hunt!

Like to play games? Well, I have a fun scavenger hunt for you! Simply go to my website at: and find the answers to the 5 questions below. Email the answers to me at: The first 10 people who email me the correct answers win a FREE PRIZE!!! Let’s play!

1. Did you know that on the second Tuesday of every month there is a fabulous new episode of Art and Soul? What is the name and featured technique of the March 10, 2009 episode of Art and Soul on CTMH TV?

2. How many stamps are in May’s cute stamp of the month called Be Yourself?

3. I love to add new artwork regularly to my website so you can always find fresh, new ideas. Name 3 of the 4 new products used in the latest scrapbook page posted to My Art page.

4. You can browse through our new Idea Book online! Woohoo! Flip through the Idea Book and tell me 3 of your favorite new products! Would you like to have an idea book of your own? Just email me!

5. I LOVE being a consultant! Flexibility, great discounts, fabulous friends, and time spent doing something I love…it’s all great! What page on my website can you find out more information about being a consultant?

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Preds Girl said...

What a GREAT idea!! I'm 5 for 5. LOL.